• tt-q50-r/zg-1000-1

    TT-Q50-R/ZG 1000 Thermoplastic Screeding Type Marking Truck
    TATU brand marking truck is a kind of high-end marking equipment with advantages of high executing efficiency, high executing quality, low manpower investment, and excellent safety and environmental c

  • tt-cst800 trail-type crack sealing machine

    TT-CST800 Trail-Type Crack Sealing Machine
    Road crack sealing machine is mainly used in asphalt pavement,cement road surface and other special field surface which have crack defect repair,so as to improve the service life of road (place) and c

  • Road Marking Paint

    TT-SZG-I Two-component Road Marking Paint
    ★Two-component road marking paint is composed of imported solvent-free reactive acrylic resin, stuffing, pigment and hardener.
    ★During construction, just need to mix the base materials and hardener

  • TL-JD403-3S

    TL-JD403-3S Motor vehicle signal (regular motor vehicle and direction signal)
    Remark:Combination structure, can be assembled at buyer's option

  • Warning column

    Warning column
    It is widely used on city road ,foot walk and the spaces between the building to get the warning function .Once the vehicle knocks onto the column ,it will protect the vehicle from damages..




TATU Industrial Zone on TATU Road, Xuedian Town, Xinzheng City, Henan Province.

TATU GROUP Held 2013 Awarding Meeting

date:2014-10-15 15:01:14

TATU GROUP held 2013 awarding meeting on a sunny day in October, with board members, management and staff representatives attending.

In order to promote the advanced and set an example, to create a strong atmosphere of love and dedication, and create a new situation in the Group's development, TATU offered recognition and reward to the outstanding employees. TATU executives issued award certificates to excellent administrative staff, the best growth of employees and outstanding technicians, 15 persons in total.

Chairman of the Board affirmed the outstanding performance of the staff, deployed TATU’s work, and asked all the staff to strengthen team building and work harder to complete TATU’s "three-year strategic plan" successfully.

The awarding meeting inspired all the staff, who determined to achieve more outstanding performance and impressive results in order to obtain TATU's recognition and awards.