• tt-cst800 trail-type crack sealing machine

TT-CST800 Trail-Type Crack Sealing Machine

Road crack sealing machine is mainly used in asphalt pavement,cement road surface and other special field surface which have crack defect repair,so as to improve the service life of road (place) and comfort of traffic

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■ TT-CST800 Trail-Type Crack Sealing Machine Parameter


♦Travel: Trail-type


♦Engine: Yanmar 15.5kw water cold diesel engine, 2200rpm


♦Burner: Diesel


♦Material Tank: 800L


♦Fuel Tank: 60L


♦Hydraulic Oil Tank: 60L


♦Air Compressor: 0.6M³/Min


♦Heating Hose: 220V/6M


♦Dimension (L×W×H): 4500mm×2200mm×2200mm

♦Weight: 1800kg
■ TT-CST800 Trail-Type Crack Sealing Machine Description


►Double axles four wheels designed, large capacity adapts to long operation;


► 800Lerial tank with bevel anti-splash cover, ergonomics loading height, make the loading safe and easy, melt speed fast and high efficiency;


► Diesel burning(infrared) with heat transfer oil heating, heating even and safe to the sealant;


►Temperature automatic control system, make the working temperature stable;


►Internal conveying pump, reversible and good efficiency;


►Round multiple layers material tank with perfect heat-keeping effect, equips with hydraulic driven full angle reversible blender;

►Equips with high level safety electrical heating hose, operating safely and stably

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