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TT-C01-R/ZG200 Driving Type Thermoplastic Screeding Road Marking Machine

TATU brand driving type road marking machine is a kind of high-tech marking equipment with high efficiency, high marking quality, and with high safety and environment conservation. This marking equipment is available for customization of single function or multiple functions, in order to reduce customer’s cost on the basis of meet customer’s requirement.

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TATU Industrial Zone on TATU Road, Xuedian Town, Xinzheng City, Henan Province.

■ TT-C01-R/ZG200 Driving Type Thermoplastic Screeding Road Marking Machine Parameter

♦Marking Method: Extrusion, Spraying or Screeding (change spray gun, extrusion or screeding device);

♦Material Container Volume: material container (pressurized) 200L, glass bead container 75L;
♦Air Compressor Air Output: 1m³/min;
♦Heating Method: energy efficient LPG, infrared burner or fuel;
♦Heat Preservation Method: heat preservation cotton, or heat transfer oil with heat preservation cotton;
♦Temperature Control Method: auto temperature control;
♦Marking Line Width: screeding 50/100/150/200/250/300, optional for standard equips of 150mm convex box; Extrusion 100/150/200/250/300mm, optional for standard equips of 200mm; spraying 50-300mm, adjustable;
♦Overall Dimension: 4000×1900×2100 mm
■ TT-C01-R/ZG200 Driving Type Thermoplastic Screeding Road Marking Machine Description

►Compare to other type marking equipment, driving type road marking machine is with large capacity material container and glass bead container, which can ensure long distance marking without any interruption. Equipped rolling-type stirring system can ensure the sufficient mixture of the heated material, therefore, the executed material will be stable in structure and uniform in ingredient. The markings will last longer.

►Equipped with microcomputer control system and LCD display. The machine can be accurately operated according to line standard and executing request. The marking job is full automatic. Meanwhile, customized functions such as equip with material dosage test & print, marking length and marking area test & print, real-time location when executing, marking thickness reminding, outplant system for marking job, or marking type input digitalization is available. 

►Excellent machine, power, and material integration design, advanced hydraulic drive infinitely variable system and accurate location electromagnetic control unit, accurately control the driving direction and speed of the machine.

►Auxiliary functions such as LED caution screen, and multi-position adjustable seat meets the safety protection standard and ergonomics request ensures the conformability, security and practicability of marking jobs. 

►By changing functional system and material container, shift between high pressure airless spraying, 2-component cold plastic spraying, air spraying, thermoplastic (2-component) spraying, thermoplastic (2-component) extrusion, thermoplastic (2-component) screeding, and pre-mark are all available according to customer requirement. It is very easy to realize one machine for multiple 
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