TATU Industrial Zone on TATU Road, Xuedian Town, Xinzheng City, Henan Province.

  • Road Marking Paint

    TT-SZG-I Two-component Road Marking Paint

    ★Two-component road marking paint is composed of imported solvent-free reactive acrylic resin, stuffing, pigment and hardener.
    ★During construction, just need to mix the base materials and hardener together with certain proportion. Due to medical reaction, base materials and hardener quickly form hard paint film.
    ★According to different construction ways, Two-component road marking paint can be divided into three types, spraying type, screeding type and structure type.

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  • Water-based Road Marking Paint

    TT-CST-I/IIWater-based Road Marking Paint

    ★TATU Brand Water-based road marking paint is a kind of special paint which is applicable for High-pressure airless Type or Air Auxiliary Type marking machine under normal temperature.
    ★TATU brand Water-based marking paint is based on acrylic emulsion original imported from the the United States Rohm and Haas Co., supplemented by high-quality pigment, filling materials and various special additives, is synthetized by automation production line.

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    TT-RGT-I/II/III Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

    ★Application of TATU Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint requires the skills of trained personnel and specialised equipment.
    ★It is applied by various screed type thermoplastic road marking machine (driving-type/ self-propelled / hand-push).
    ★The material is heated to an application temperature of 180°C to 200°C with a maximum temperature of 230°C.

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  • cold solvent road marking paint

    TT-CRT-I/II Cold Road Marking Paint

    ★TATU cold-sovlent road marking paint white/yellow is supplied ready for use and is suitable for application to ituminous and concrete roads.
    ★It can be successfully applied to airless or air auxiliary spraying equipment.
    ★The desired line width and flim thickness can be achieved by varying the spraying gun height, nozzle size, pump pressure and driving speed.
    ★It can also be successfully applied with a brush or roller for smaller applications.

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